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  • Desconocido -

    [Plesk/cPane/VestaCP/Manual] Deployment module for open-source games v.1.1.9
    Donde puedo descargar lo he buscado y no lo encuentro por favor me puede ayudar con el link de descarga

  • Sflotzdru -

    Hey there, Is there any way I can purchase the ogamex code package ? I'm looking forward to run a server with that engine.

  • RaptorsMT -

    where you can download the new version of which I speak k would be released on 12

    • Jbaukens -

      gamerpath.net as usually in your lobby account, yu have a menu download

    • RaptorsMT -

      When I enter my profile there the Ogamex is not found, k is the k, I want nothing else, it comes out in download Deploymed module

    • Jbaukens -

      Yea, i would advice you again to read the first post of the topic and not just ask for something without previously reading it. Would be a good start, what u think

  • zeta -

    you have a version with the modern style of ogame?

    Yaro2709 told me to ask you.

    do you have it in direct download?. is it on github?

  • RaptorsMT -

    Donde puedo descargar tu nueva versión del game