Non Scrolling Skin v1.8

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    • Non Scrolling Skin v1.8

      Anyone know where I can get a skin similar to ogame where you don't have to scrol up and down like a nutcase eveytime?


      By the way, has to free... let's face facts you're not going to be a billionaire selling skins for this game...... :thumbsup:
    • не много css и сможете сделать так же :) это не трудно сделать .. или возьмите старый шаблон который есть в старых сборках и перетащите стили на свой
      Делаю качественно в сроки! на любой версии moons, встрою, или напишу любой мод , но дорого!
    • If i am not too wrong, i remember that @Thisishowwedoit uploaded a ogame themed Design WHICH IS NOT FINISH, i repeat: WHICH IS NOT FINISH

      Anyway you may give it a try:, may you can also use only the Design of it or something...

      I definitely DO NOT support @Thisishowwedoit but at least he released some Designs here:, where also the upper Link is from.