For sale due to financial problems.

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    • For sale due to financial problems.

      Hello everyone, I am selling the whole system due to financial problems.
      I give you all and all of the design together

      good luck to the buyer in advance. Price: 500 dollars. Negotiable Share Available. The person responsible for the payment will be contacted.
      I will give demo address if Serious Buyers

      You can convert it to NFT game logic and feature.

      Game Features:
      1- Race Selection
      2- Civilization Selection
      3- Moral Choice
      4- Party Selection
      5- Ideology Choices
      6- Planetary Setup
      7- Premium Account
      8- Advanced Player Ranking
      9- Bosster Mines
      10- Tournament System
      11- Architectural Building Construction Area
      12- Multiplayer Defense and Attack System ACS
      13- Continuing Research Center
      14- Daily Bonus System
      15- Xgizem Container Feature
      16. Dark Matter
      17- Antimatter
      18 Stardust
      19- Energy System
      20- Crystal System
      21- Metal System
      22- Fators Building Rating Building Score
      23- University System
      24- Advanced Market System Between Players
      25- Moon Planet Structure Feature
      26- Sector 2 Feature 8 Mega Browsers
      27- Advanced Orbit Feature
      28- Fleet Center Warning Alarm Feature
      29- In-Game Advanced Announcement Feature
      30- Achievements Center Feature
      31- Start 15 Quest Features
      32- 500 Standard Mission Features
      33- Advanced Clan System
      34- Clan Development Feature
      35- Adding Friends Between Players Feature
      36- Add Teamspeak Center Feature
      37- Chat System (Chat) Mega Improved Status Features Available Ban Ban Private Room Clan Room Player Private Messaging Inter-player Gameplay Features Available
      38- Avatar Selection Feature
      39- Hourly - Daily - Weekly Summary Mining Indicator
      40- Planetarium Feature - Planetary Teleportation - Planet Naming - Planet Abandon Feature
      41- Orbit system Planetary Resource Area Collectively Fast Transition - On Planet Buildings Area Collectively Fast Transition - On Planet Fleet Units Area Collectively Fast Transition - Planetary Defense Units Area Collectively Fast Transition
      42- Galaxy system - Expeditionary System Exploration to the Depths of Space - Nebula System General Distribution Research information finding and mining unit etc. everything search discovery place
      43- Fleet Center in Advanced Condition
      44- Arsenal (Armory) Feature - Arsenal Details Blueprint System
      45- Officer Center with New Feature
      46- Message Notification Area Advanced feature
      47- Account Settings with Advanced Options
      48- Month Feature Possibility to create a month with Premium or a post-war month
      49- Debris Fields and loot system
      50- Clan and Player Profile Area
      51- Clan and Clan wars massive destruction system
      52- Enhanced Clan Feature and Enhancement Area Clan Manager Enhanced System
      53- Advanced Admin Panel Feature
      54- Wiki Page
      55- Tech Tree
      56- High Record Tree
      57- Lunar and Planetary Fields for purchasable gain
      58- It has a quick finish feature. For building and research level upgrading
      I will continue to develop more, there are a few more fields available through the buyer, have I completed them :) the game will be finished

      I've overhauled them all one by one and you can see them modernized in working order.

      Game Images...

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    • when you transferin resources from planet A to B, if you wait on the planet B and if there is a construction, or shipyard queue resources lost ( some times ). Its known steemnova bug, other versions also have it as far as i know.

      Its probably caused by fleethandler, while 2 people active in the game, and refreshing the page and they click at the same time, your fleet is handled by other player, and you updated your planet, with planetRessUpdate , hence the resources is lost.

      for a slightly better version of steemnova