Chat Error = Too many redirects

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    • Chat Error = Too many redirects

      Hello guys.
      My chat was working fine yesterday, however today i had to disable the module because the chat frame gives me an error >> Too many redirects
      I tried clear the cache but had no effect on it.

      I am wondering if this is normal and what could be the source of the problem.
    • Russoll wrote:

      i had the the same then mu provider told me that t changed to centose so maybe that or not
      you saying the problem is because im under ubuntu16 and not centOS?
      Hope not because there is no way im changing the OS here...
    • Hello this error is because you are generating a indefinite loop of redirects


      Spot a => Spot b => Spot c => Spot a => Spot b.........
      - Xterium Template
      - War of Alliance Template
      - Antaris-Legacy Template
      - Ogame Template

      I can and will only help with instalation with hostings including cpanel or plesk and an teamviewer access