Mods for selling

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    • Mods for selling

      Since i am moving into a new big project and I need time for it, I am possibly leaving Stellaron (those who are interested in acquire it can send me pm).

      Some exists already in the forum, but I value code quality. Once acquired, free support and installation for it, even if I abandon Stellaron.

      I present in the following URL a list of modules I am selling from my game:

      If you want to create ANY mod, you can enter in contact with me and we figure the best way for it.
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      Check my mods here -

      I can build any mod. Need my service? Contact me via PM
    • This is great mod.
      I applaud your efforts.
      ^^ ^^
      My version is 2moons 1.3v . :D But all fixed bug and more then mod added.
      Test universe: 1
      ID:2moons pw:1234