2moons-war-of-alliance bug error help

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    • 2moons-war-of-alliance bug error help

      Hello there
      2moons-war-of-alliance I installed the system alone admin panel and I get some errors in the game I'll show you with the screenshot that I can help you with how I can fix it


      I'm getting this error when I say do active in the modules section and passive.

      I get this error no matter what I do in the game settings section in admin panel

      when I set up an alliance and enter the alliance I get this error

      when I press the building it also renews itself even when the time is over

      This system I have installed 2moons-war-of-alliance @Thisishowwedoit @Danter14 @Darkside @florin21

      Will you help me with this problem
      can also help if other friends can judge this issue.

      thank you again to everyone for your help
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