[MOD] voting

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    • [MOD] voting

      here is a little votingmod,

      the mod has languagesupport, but has no error, when lng part is missing
      to add your languages goto languages/"your language"/CUSTOM.php
      and add this parts
      $LNG['vote_text_success'] = 'Mission Voting erfüllt.<br>250 Dunkle Materie gutgeschrieben.<br><hr>';
      $LNG['vote_text_0'] = 'Hier kannst du für';
      $LNG['vote_text_1'] = 'stimmen, jede Stimme bringt dir 250 Dunkle Materie.';

      the mod uses db fields, but you don't have to set them, if they don't exist the mod creates them.
      make accounts at votingpages and put in the link and a path for a picture for the link
      this is done in the beginning of the script(includes\pages\game\ShowVotePage.class.php) in line 13

      PHP Source Code

      1. $links = array( //link => Image
      2. 'https://yourvotingpage1.com' => 'https://yourvotingpage1.com/vote.png',
      3. 'https://yourvotingpage2.com' => 'https://yourvotingpage2.com/vote.png',
      4. 'https://yourvotingpage3.com' => 'https://yourvotingpage3.com/vote.png',
      5. 'https://yourvotingpage4.com' => 'https://yourvotingpage4.com/vote.png'
      6. );
      put in your own links here.

      then make a link in your menu (styles\templates\login\main.navigation.tpl) the link is
      <a href="game.php?page=vote">Vote</a>

      and this is how the mod looks like
      • votemod.zip

        (3.02 kB, downloaded 132 times, last: )
    • i can't reproduce the error, due to this line this should not be possible
      if (isset($USER['vote' . $votenr]) && $USER['vote' . $votenr] + 86400 < TIMESTAMP) {
      there is only dm added then this ist true

      what you mean with go back?, may the browser has cached the page wich writes that you got the dm, but in real you should not be able to get it twice