XOrbit New Universe Nyx 22.03.2019

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    • XOrbit New Universe Nyx 22.03.2019

      XOrbit launches a new universe on March 22 at 8:00 p.m: Nyx

      Anyone who has played Ogame before knows about what to expect from Xorbit.
      Xorbit is completely free and without PAY2WIN.

      The universe reminds of OGame before redesign.
      Buildingspeed: x10
      Fleetspeed: x4
      Productionspeed: x15

      No Dark Matter!

      XOrbit Conquer the Universe - Register for free

      You don't like this speed? We also have other universes with different Speeds

      Available in several different languages
    • We also have many different skins.
      If you don't like them, you can create your own or use skins published by other players.
      Here are three from us:
      • Blue.png

        1.87 MB, 1,512×1,036, viewed 268 times
      • Default.png

        1.42 MB, 1,582×1,034, viewed 246 times
      • Grey.png

        739.55 kB, 1,702×1,042, viewed 186 times
    • English:
      The recently launched Nyx is highly competitive.

      The top 10 places are from 9 different alliances and 3 different countries and very close to each other.
      It remains exciting.

      Join the fight and register today: xorbit.eu

      Deutsch / German:
      Das vor kurzem gestartete Nyx wird stark umkämpft.

      Die Top 10 Plätze sind aus 9 verschiedenen Allianzen und 3 verschiedenen Ländern und Punktemäßig sehr nah beieinander.
      Es bleibt weiter Spannend.

      Schließ dich dem Kampf an und registriere dich noch heute: xorbit.de

      French / Française
      Le Nyx récemment lancé est très compétitif.

      Les 10 premières places sont issues de 9 alliances différentes et de 3 pays différents et très proches les uns des autres.
      Cela reste passionnant.

      Rejoignez le combat et inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui : xorbit.eu
    • English:
      A screenshot with 79 players online at the same time. Active much more.

      Ein Screenshot mit 79 Spieler gleichzeitig online. Aktive weit mehr.

      Une capture d'écran avec 79 joueurs en ligne en même temps. Beaucoup plus actif.
      • Nyx79_min.jpg

        114.27 kB, 225×400, viewed 143 times
    • Your enthusiasm is big and keep it!

      But use it in higher activity foruns targeted to players to get even more players.

      We are devs here but... your "activity" can motivate some people to do even better in their games ;)
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